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Sagua La Grande wants you to experience traditional Cuban cuisine. Have a little taste of Cuba in our little city of Columbia.

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Katy Ugalde was born in Sagua La Grande Cuba. With most of her family in the restaurant business, she grew up learning and experiencing the art of cooking. When she first moved to the Dallas Texas in 1997 she was able to use the skills she learned growing up thanks to a French Chef and Owner of Tony’s Wine Warehouse. This gave her a chance to work in an upscale restaurant even though at the time she didn't speak English. Thanks to the compassion shown to her she was able to learn English and hone her skills even more.

Her dream had always been to open a Cuban café with authentic flavors from her town. Looking for a change, she came to Columbia, Missouri and had a fervent need to get a new start. It is like this that Sagua La Grande Cuban Cafe was born.

Katy's Story

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